Surrounding Fegen

The beautiful beauty of nature can be found here!

Welcome to the beautiful forest and water area of ​​Fegen.

Fegen is located in three provinces and three different municipalities. 
In the fantastic Fegen area the regions of Halland, Småland and Västergötland 
Lake Fegen is considered one of the most protected lakes in southern Sweden and 
is one of the larger lakes in southwestern Sweden. 
The nature reserve includes both Lake Fegen and the surrounding forests. 
Coniferous forest surrounds the lake, but in some places the landscape opens up 
around farms and meadows, and here too there are beautiful deciduous forests with 
beech and other deciduous trees. Fegen, with adjacent lakes such as Spaden, Svansjön 
and Kalvsjön, has many small sheltered bays, jutting headlands and around 70 islands 
and skerries, making it a popular canoeing water. 
Around Lake Fegen you will find several fire pits where you can moor your canoe and spend 
the night in one of the nice little wooden huts. 
A warm sleeping bag, food/drink and camping items are sufficient to enjoy the outdoors 
around Lake Fegen. In addition, the Fegenmeer offers beautiful little beaches, 
canoe/sailing opportunity, fishing facilities and above all a lot of fun!